Intervals is for your workstation wellness.

If you’ve ever returned to work after an injury, it’s likely that your physiotherapist or practitioner advises you to only spend a limited time in front of your computer.

This is where the problem arises – how do you know how long you have spent at your computer?  You can set up an egg timer on your desk, set an alarm on your phone, but having to reset these apparatuses over and over again becomes tiring, and often forgotten about.  In fast paced work areas, this leads to injuries getting worse, not better.

You need the time that you need to heal.  That’s where Intervals comes in.

Easy to configure

Made with simplicity in mind, you simply set the times that your physician has specified (usually how long you can spend at the computer, and then how long you should have a break for).  Once you begin, the app shows you how long you have until your next break arrives.

Shortly before the time has run out, you get an alert telling you that you’re about to be due for a break.

When the time period has elapsed, this window is displayed.

This window shows how many minutes and seconds until the user can resume work, as well as what time they can return.  If the lock has occured at a completely inopportune time the user can also skip this round of rest.  A random quote is also displayed.

Note: The workstation is still usable during the time it is locked.  The window is “on top” so it appears over all other windows, but it can be minimised.  The intent of the window is a soft reminder to the user that they should be carrying out their excercises as recommended by their physician.


You can buy a license for intervals here